1 9.0 Final notes
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final notes

I think that's everything. If I've forgotten to document something, please let me know. I know this wiki is long but, I hate how much stuff for linux and open-source programs/scripts in general are so poorly documented especially for newbies and I didn't want to make that same mistake.

I don't script too often and I'm a horrible programmer, so if you see anything that can be/should be improved, please file an issue to let me know or a pull request to submit your changes! I love learning new ways of doing things and getting feedback, so suggestions and comments are more than welcome. If you are submitting changes, please ensure they are commented. I've tried to keep the script and all supporting files as commented as possible so others can look at the source and understand why I've done certian things in a certain way. I think this helps out as a learning tool too, so please respect that and offer your knowledge along with your suggestions.

If this has helped you out, then please visit my blog at https://mytechiethoughts.com where I solve problems like this all the time on a shoe-string or zero budget. Thanks!