2 7.1.5 Testing
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Run logwatch --help and note the options. You can test just this service locally on your screen with the following command (assuming you kept default names for everything):

# Summary output, entire duration of log file
logwatch --service backup --output stdout --format text --range all --detail 0

# Minimal detail, yesterday only
logwatch --service backup --output stdout --format text --range yesterday --detail 3

# Verbose output, today only
logwatch --service backup --output stdout --format text --range today --detail 5

final notes

I'm a horrible PERL programmer so if anyone can optimize/improve the script file used for Logwatch then please do it! Otherwise, I hope this made sense and helped you integrate the backup script with Logwatch for easy monitoring :-) Please file any questions/comments/suggestions you have in the issues section. If you want to contribute, file a pull-request. Thanks!