2 2.0 Installation
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Once you've either cloned this git repo or downloaded the release file, simply copy the files in the backup folder to whatever location works for your set up. Remember to protect your backup.details file since it contains the password for your backup repo! You may also have to make the script executable:

# make a 'script' directory at the root of your partition
mkdir -p /scripts/backup
cd /scripts/backup
# copy backup files
cp /downloaded/git/repo/backup/* ./
# make script executable
chmod +x backup.sh
# protect your 'details' file
chmod 600 backup.details

Remember that you can rename the script file to anything you like and the defalt log file will automatically use that name too. If you rename the script file, you should also manually rename the .details file to match. Otherwise, you'd have to specify it with the --details configuration flag each time you run the script. If you keep the .details file named the same as the script, you don't have to specify anything via command line parameters. The same is true if you want to use the 503 error page function. The script will use any file named 503_backup.html located in the same directory as the script by default.