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The goal of this container is to make deploying a non-privileged (non-root) NGINX instance simpler and safer in containerized situations by creating a more logical file structure that lends itself to common sense bind-mounts in a variety of situations. In addition, SSL management has been made dead simple and secure by default using recommended configuration templates from Mozilla. Most configurations are automatically enabled based on what has been bound to the container or environment variable values. Finally, the container has a health-check which is mysteriously missing from the official images. As a bonus, despite running under a non-root user, this container can use standard ports like 80 and 443!

The next few pages of this wiki will go in-depth into how you can deploy and use this container. I hate when things arent documented, so its my goal not to make that mistake here. For those of you already familiar with docker, and NGINX in particular, the quick-start is probably all you need. Those of you newer to containerized deployments of NGINX or who are just curious about how things work, the rest of this wiki is for you!

I hope this container makes your life a little easier. As always, if you have any suggestions or find any bugs, please let me know by filing an issue! Lastly, please be aware that I am NOT in any way affiliated with NGINX. If you find something wrong with this container, please do not bother them, just give me a shout.

Have fun!