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# Mailcow Backup Using borgbackup <!-- omit in toc -->
# Mailcow Backup Using borgbackup
This script automates backing up your Mailcow installation using borgbackup and a remote ssh-capable storage system. I suggest using rsync.net since they
have great speeds and a special pricing structure for borgbackup/attic users ([details here](https://www.rsync.net/products/attic.html)).
@ -14,14 +14,19 @@ This script automates the following tasks:
- Runs 'borg prune' to make sure you are trimming old backups on your schedule
- Creates a clear, easy to parse log file so you can keep an eye on your backups and any errors/warnings
## Contents <!-- omit in toc -->
## contents
<!-- toc -->
- [quick start](#quick-start)
- [configuration file](#configuration-file)
- [running the script](#running-the-script)
- [scheduling your backup via cron](#scheduling-your-backup-via-cron)
- [restoring backups](#restoring-backups)
- [final notes](#final-notes)
<!-- tocstop -->
## quick start
Clone this repo or download a release file into a directory of your choosing. For all examples in this document, I will assume you will run the script from */scripts/backup*. Make sure the script file is executable and you protect the *.details* file since it contains things like your repo password: