Markus Heitkoetter's PowerX System as a NinjaTrader indicator. Paint-bars, trade detection and position sizing included.
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PowerX Colour-Bars for NinjaTrader

Based on Markus Heitkoetter's PowerX strategy. This indicator is written for NinjaTrader 8 and has the following key features as at the updating of this document.

  • paint bars to reflect trend identification
  • identify entry points based on signal bars
  • identify when trade would be entered, denoted by chart marker
  • dynamically display stop and target levels
  • dynamically determine trade size based on your account size and a user-defined risk percentage
  • all colours and many layouts are customizable
  • ability to turn most features on or off so the indicator can fit the user's preferences

download and instructions

The most up-to-date versions and pre-releases will be available via this git repo. A website will be maintained at The website will have maintained versions of the indicator files along with instructions for installation and usage.

abbreviated changelog

Version 2.1

  • catching up on user requests!
  • option to include commissions in position sizing and risk calculations (checkbox in properties)
    • N.B. this does NOT affect target calculations!
    • Labels change, actual price levels do not
  • option to trade a fixed number of contracts instead of calculating based on account size
  • allow signals to generate without needing a neutral bar between them
    • i.e. direct switch from buy to sell and vice-versa

Recommend recreating or at least reviewing any templates you have saved after updating to this version since some parameters have been modified and some new ones have been added!

Version 2.0

  • replace remaining calls to native NinjaTrader draw library with SharpDX calls
  • finish moving all indicator calculations to PowerXBars class
    • ADR encapsulated in PowerXBars class
    • all indicators now encapsulated
    • remove unnecessary indicator calculations
  • implement line-vectors and labels using their own encapsulated classes, massively reduce code-repetition
  • target labels now have the same display options as risk labels for consistency
  • distributed as compiled DLL for easier updates and installation
    • source code now only available via this git repo

You MUST recreate any saved templates (e.g. your 'default' settings, etc.) after updating. Parameter tags have been removed/cleaned-up in the code and using old templates may cause unpredictable behaviour when NinjaTrader goes looking for those tags. Sorry!

Version 1.0

  • re-write all graphical elements to use GPU via SharpDX: ~4x faster performance even with large histories and many days worth of intraday bars!
  • changes to labels for enhanced clarity
    • entry point now clearly labelled long/short along with number of contracts
    • stops now much easier to understand, options for ticks, dollars, both
    • targets are more compact and list price only
    • labels are more compact in general to reduce clutter
    • fonts and colours are customizable
  • fixed: occasional bug with entries not expiring on time
  • redundant files during installation removed, no more annoying ‘file exists’ prompts
  • code-base has been trimmed and extra comments added to help anyone wanting to learn from and/or modify it
  • general speed optimization, the indicator is very responsive now

Version 0.7

  • full overhaul of backend logic, use classes and addon file
  • fix incorrect identification of trigger bars!
  • enhanced voiding signal bars as needed
  • replaced recursive entry checks with real-time checking
  • dynamic properties grids
  • extensive customization
  • add risk/reward lines
  • add labels on lines
  • add auto-position sizing with integrated account balance lookup

Version 0.1 (private)

  • import indicators and perform basic bar highlighting
  • logic to invalidate trigger bars as per strategy
  • chart markers to highlight trades
  • entry lines on chart
  • basic customization and parameterization


Any and all questions, suggestions and inquiries regarding this indicator are best handled by filing an issue in this repo. Failing that, please email at me at