Ninjatrader indicator implementing the Ninjacators 30/30 Power Reversal setup.
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Ninjacators 30/30 Power Reversal Trade-Helper

This is an indicator for NinjaTrader designed to help find trades fitting the Ninjacators 30/30 Power Reversal_ strategy. This is a personal interpretation and implementation of said Ninjacators strategy by Asif Bacchus (me) and is not affiliated with Ninjacators.

If you have questions, feedback, find bugs in this indicator, or just want help using or integrating it with your custom indicators/strategies, please contact me or file an issue in this repo. If you are interested in learning more about the strategy, please consider supporting Ninjacators and taking one of their excellent live training workshops! No, I'm not sponsored or affiliated, I just appreciate the work they do.

As always, recognize that trading is inherently risky and you can and very well might lose more money than you planned or even deposited in your trading account. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Use of this indicator does not, in any way, suggest or guarantee any future results whether profitable or not. You are using this indicator solely at your own risk and, by using it, agree to release the author (Asif Bacchus) and Ninjacators from any and all liability. Please refer to the file in this repository for additional information governing your use of this indicator.

Version History (in brief)

Version 3.0 - No-Code Strategies

  • Re-coded main logic and plots so everything is calculated in the context of the main chart
  • Compatible with Strategy Builder and Strategy Analyzer
  • Possible to create automated strategies for back-testing, optimization and live trading without coding using the Strategy Builder!

Version 2.1 - Bugfix

  • Fix exceptions when using dissimilar bar types for short and long term
    • e.g. tick chart as primary, 30-minute for long-term
  • Fix exceptions when non-congruent timeframes are used
    • e.g 4-minute primary, 30-minute long-term -> 30/4 is not an integer

Version 2.0 - Signals as Levels

  • Add option to display signals as price levels
  • Variety of options for extending levels into the future
  • Fully customizable level lines (colour, style, thickness, opacity)

This is an implementation of an experimental idea I had and is not part of the original system per se. Interesting to play with, try it out and let me know if you find it useful!

Version 1.5 - Bugfixes & Presets

  • Add presets for common threshold combinations
  • Reset defaults to match 'standard' preset
  • Add option for silent alerts
  • Resolve alert sound issues
  • Synchronize plot and internal lists regardless of timeframe and state
  • Improve marker rendering efficiency and speed, reduce memory usage

Version 1.1 - New Namespace

  • Move indicator to ABTrading folder within NinjaTrader
  • Change namespace to ABTrading
  • NO operational changes, this release just brings everything in-line with other AB-Trading indicators

Initial Release (Version 1.0)

  • Chart markers to show when the larger timeframe indicates conditions for a long/short trade on the primary (shorter) timeframe
  • Customizable longer timeframe period
  • All thresholds are customizable but defaulted to the Ninjacators recommended settings
  • Markers can be toggled and customized (size, colour)
  • Integrated alerts (alert log, modal pop-up dialog box)
  • Integrated with NinjaTrader alerts system (I think this method works a little better than the indicator generated alerts)


  • Several entry filters
  • Automatic stop level suggestion
  • Automatic target level plotting based on stop level

Final thoughts

Let me know if you have any suggestions, bugfixes or want to contribute to the development of this indicator. Otherwise, I hope it's helpful to you!