Raff Regression Channel drawing tool for NinjaTrader. https://ab-trading.solutions/ab-raffchannel
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AB-RaffChannel: Raff Regression Channel Drawing Tool for NinjaTrader

AB-RaffChannel is a FREE Raff Regression Channel drawing tool for NinjaTrader. The Raff Channel is a linear regression channel with evenly spaced upper and lower channel lines. The even spacing (more accurately the channel width) is based on the high or low that is farthest from the linear regression line. The built-in NinjaTrader Regression Channel has a property called Mode which can be set to Segment and this is meant to do what a Raff Channel does. Unfortunately, and for some bewildering reason, they only decided to apply it to one side of the channel! This effectively makes it useless for actual trading and analysis. AB-RaffChannel addresses this issue and adds a few other nice features including:

  • show/hide the middle regression line
  • draw the channel between selected anchors or extend it to the hard-right-edge
  • automatically colour the channel based on its slope
  • set each channel line style (colour, style, opacity, thickness) separately
  • ability to set a variety of alerts on each channel line including the center regression line

download and instructions

The most up-to-date versions, pre-releases and source-code will be available via this git repo. A website for this drawing tool is located at https://ab-trading.solutions/ab-raffchannel. The website will have maintained (public) versions of the compiled drawing tool files along with instructions for installation and usage.

abbreviated changelog

Version 1.0 - Initial Release

  • packaged DLL for easier distribution and updating
  • fully customizable channel lines
  • auto-colour option based on channel slope
  • option to extend channel to the hard-right-edge
  • all common alert types enabled for each channel line and regression line


Any and all questions, suggestions and inquiries regarding this drawing tool are best handled by filing an issue in this repo. Failing that, please email me at asif@asifbacchus.dev.