Indicator for NinjaTrader to automatically find and mark Hoffman Inventory Retracement Bars.
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AB-HoffmanIRB: Inventory Retracement Bars Indicator for NinjaTrader

AB-HoffmanIRB is a FREE indicator to mark Rob Hoffman's Inventory Retracement Bars on your NinjaTrader charts. Inventory Retracement Bars (IRBs), according to Hoffman, are points where a trend resumes once surpasssed. This indicator marks such bars clearly on your charts and includes a few additional features.

  • Markers are added to an invisible plot so they appear in the Data Box and can be used in other systems/strategies.

  • Markers can be toggled on/off to prevent cluttering your chart.

  • Entry and Stop lines can be drawn based on IRBs and automatically expire after a defined period or terminate when filled.

  • Built-in Exponential Moving Average filter included as per Rob Hoffman's suggested implementation:

    • Filter can be purely directional or based on calculated (NOT visual) Moving Average angle.
  • Approximated higher-timeframe additional Exponential Moving Average filter also included as per Rob Hoffman's suggested implementation.

  • All markers, lines and EMAs are fully customizable and can be toggled on/off.

  • Hoffman Trend indicator lines (series of moving averages) are included as a separate indicator which may be desirable instead of the built-in EMA filter(s).

download and instructions

The most up-to-date versions, pre-releases and source-code will be available via this git repo. A website for these indicators is located at The website will have maintained (public) versions of the compiled indicator files along with instructions for installation and usage.

abbreviated changelog

Version 1.0 - Initial Release

  • packaged DLL for easier distribution and updating

  • IRBs and EMA filter values and angles added to plots for easy integration with other systems/strategies

  • EMA filters are built-in and include direction-only, angle and higher-timeframe options

  • 2nd indicator included which plots the various Moving Averages used by Hoffman in several of his public lectures about using IRBs

  • markers, lines and EMAs can be toggled and are all fully customizable


Any and all questions, suggestions and inquiries regarding these indicators are best handled by filing an issue in this repo. Failing that, please email me at