Horizontal price-ray drawing tool for NinjaTrader. https://ab-trading.solutions/ab-hray
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AB-HRay: Horizontal Price-Ray Drawing Tool for NinjaTrader

AB-HRay is a one-click horizontal price-ray drawing tool for NinjaTrader. The built-in NinjaTrader ray drawing tool requires choosing two points which is cumbersome when you just want a straight line at a price. The horizontal line tool allows this but also draws the line backwards in time which clutters your chart.

AB-HRay draws a horizontal ray into the future only and at a specific price. As a bonus, you can also turn your price-ray into a zone with the click of a checkbox! Colours, drawing styles, opacity, labels and alerts are all fully customizable.

download and instructions

The most up-to-date versions, pre-releases and source-code will be available via this git repo. A website for this indicator is located at https://ab-trading.solutions/ab-hray. The website will have maintained ( public) versions of the compiled drawing tool files along with instructions for installation and usage.

abbreviated changelog

version 1.1 - Maintainence Release

This is a maintenance release -- there is no functional difference between this release and v1.0

  • update license and reference online AB-Trading license and EULA
  • minor code clean-up and refactoring

If you are using v1.0, you are not required to update but are highly encouraged to do so. If you are installing for the first time, please use this version!

version 1.0 - Initial Release

Initial release

  • one-click customizable price level ray and zones
  • customizable labels for both rays and zones
  • all alerts enabled for both rays and zones


Any and all questions, suggestions and inquiries regarding this drawing tool are best handled by filing an issue in this repo. Failing that, please email me at asif@asifbacchus.dev.