NinjaTrader indicator to display the bid/ask ratio for each bar.
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AB-BidAsk-Ratio: Bid/Ask ratio indicator for NinjaTrader

AB-BidAsk-Ratio is a set of FREE indicators that highlight bars where the Bid/Ask ratio exceeds a user-defined threshold level. Oftentimes bars with higher than normal Ask:Bid ratios indicate buying pressure/levels and bars with higher than normal Bid:Ask ratios indicate selling pressure/levels. Using these indicators, you can quickly see such bars on your charts.


  • Plots histogram showing the difference between Bid/Ask volumes for each bar.

    • Positive values indicate more ASK volume (BUYING interest).

    • Negative values indicate more BID volume (SELLING interest).

  • Bars with a ratio exceeding the threshold value are highlighted in the chosen colour whereas other bars are grey.

  • All values exposed as public plots to allow integration with other indicators/strategies/alerts.

  • Threshold value and colours are customizable.


  • Draw a marker above bars with a ASK:BID ratio exceeding the configured threshold value. Draw a marker below bars with a BID:ASK ratio exceeding the configured threshold value.

  • This is a purely visual indicator at the moment.

  • Useful if you don't want another panel on your screen (i.e. AB-BidAsk-Histogram) and only want to quickly see bars that exceed your configured threshold.

  • Threshold values, marker colours and marker size are customizable.

download and instructions

The most up-to-date versions, pre-releases and source-code will be available via this git repo. A website for these indicators is located at The website will have maintained (public) versions of the compiled indicator files along with instructions for installation and usage.

abbreviated changelog

Version 1.0 - Initial Release

  • Packaged DLL for easier distribution and updating.

  • Both indicators bundled together.

  • Histogram indicator exposes all values as public plots to allow for integration with other indicators/strategies/alerts.

  • All threshold values and drawing colours are customizable.


Any and all questions, suggestions and inquiries regarding these indicators are best handled by filing an issue in this repo. Failing that, please email me at